Back to the 80s

"Gliding on your pastel-coloured roller skates, you arrive home. You didn't take the shortest route home but went for the nicest one. Along the way, you popped into your favourite bookshop. Your eye was caught by a nice paperback by your favourite author. Back home, you flop down on the couch, pull the book out of your bag and read the first few pages. They take you back to the 1980s in your thoughts. Suddenly you jump up, your lilac Micmacbag still in your lap. You were meant to be meeting up with friends! You fly out of the door with a touch of retro on your shoulder."

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A brightly colored bag around your shoulders. That's what you want this summer. The Daydreamer collection includes several shoulder bags, phone cases, a backpack and toiletry bag. Which bag will be your favorite this summer?

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