Micmacbags, leather bags since 1949

In 1949 went the artistic founding father of Micmacbags on a great adventure. He was a true pioneer. Read many stories and was broadly oriented. Like any real pioneer, he left on a young age to (at that time) unknown India. After a long and eventful search, he discovered the perfected factory. He had been inspired by the way of life of the Micmac Indians since his early age, making it possible for him to design the best leather (travel)bags. He found the perfect balance between beauty and functionality.

In the meantime has the world become a village and the possibilities are greater than ever before. That is why we stepped in 2015 into a new challenge with a young team. Now we travel around the world as a modern nomads, always looking for any source of pure ispiration for our designs and materials. The same urge to discover as the Micmac Indians brings us to places where we find inspiration to design beautiful purses and bags. By doing this we do not only create a strong product, but also a fascinating story.

'We believe that beautiful products should only be made under the right conditions. That's why our factory in India is SA8000 certified and we guarantee our employees a fair salary, good working conditions and working hours.'

This is only natural to us, but unfortunately does this not always happen in practice. We have daily contact with our employees in India and are on site every six months. Thus, we have a strict control on maintaining proper working conditions and are our employees intensively involved in the various processes. In this way are we able to supply a product that is not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside.

  • The lifestyle of the
    Indian Micmacs is our major inspiration.