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How to keep your Micmacbags looking good

 Good to know: the basic rules

Only use care products that are intended for the leather type of your bag;

Clean your bag regularly with a dry cloth to remove dirt and dust;

Avoid rain as much as possible. Has your bag got wet anyway? Let the leather dry by itself;

Avoid direct and prolonged sunlight as much as possible;

Keep your bag in a place where the leather can breathe sufficiently, so not in a closed bag.

Spray your bag before use!

We advise you to spray your Micmacbags bag or purse before use. Be sure to use the right spray. We recommend the brand Collonil, which has two sprays for different types of leather. The Collonil Carbon Pro spray is suitable for sanded leathers such as suede and nubuck. For smooth or waxed leather, use the Collonil Carbon Wax spray. At the moment all Micmacbags collections are made of this type of leather.

By spraying your bag you protect the leather against moisture and dirt. Remember that even the best sprays don’t give 100% protection. Leather and moisture just aren't the best of friends. Avoid using your bag in the pouring rain. If your bag gets wet anyway, it's best to let it dry by itself. Do not use a hairdryer or other heat source!


Has your bag gone a little dull?

Use a colourless wax to polish smooth and waxed leather. For suede or nubuck, we recommend using a suede brush.


Stains on your bag?

Never use aggressive substances and act as quickly as possible!

Rain stains: rub the two pieces of leather together and dry the wet spot with a soft cloth. Repeat until the stain is gone.

Greasy stains (suntan lotion or oil): Sprinkle cornstarch or talcum powder on the stains and let it soak in overnight. Brush it off the next day.

Other stains: treat the stain with a damp cloth with warm water and possibly some green soap. Let the stain air-dry.

Does the zip no longer run as smoothly?

A zip has a tough task. Have you ever wondered how often you open and close it? ;) If the zip no longer runs smoothly, we advise you to carefully put some candle wax on it.

Scratches on your bag or purse?

With the leathers Micmacbags uses, a scratch is quite visible. Our leathers always contain open-structure leather, because we like a natural look. Do you want to remove the scratch? Rub it with a dry cloth. If the scratch still hasn't disappeared, you can apply a little leather cream or Vaseline on it.

How do you look after leather with fur?

This type of leather has hairs that provide natural protection, which is a great thing! Make sure that leather with fur does not rub against clothing or coarse objects, as this can cause bald spots. Is there a stain on the leather? This type of leather can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Our master leatherworker is always very careful and told us:

"always first try it on a piece of leather that's not visible, so you can see how the leather reacts to water."

The leathers of Micmacbags 

All Micmacbags collections are made of leather with an open structure, which is tanned as much as possible in a natural way. The leather for these products is a residual product. This is put to good use by turning it into a bag or purse.

We use cow and water buffalo skin. Compared to cow leather, the leather of a water buffalo is extra tough and robust and the capillaries are easier to see because the animals are hairier than cows.

Hoewel de bovengenoemde tips en trucs jarenlang door ons en vele anderen gebruikt worden, kan Micmacbags niet aansprakelijk worden gesteld voor beschadiging van de tas door gebruik te maken van een van de bovenstaande tips.