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Flowers and a watch

Frankfurt, 1664. He looks back one final time. He then waves bravely and follows his master painter. Today is the day. He is leaving for Holland. Along the way, he starts to picture a new work. ‘Flowers and a watch,’ he muses.

It is centuries later. A designer examines a piece of oiled leather. The deep colours and the light gloss remind her of painting. 'Actually, every bag can be a work of art,’ she thinks.
Immortalising something that is temporary. That is what Abraham Mignon did.

Flowers fade, but his art remains. With the Masterpiece collection, we pass on this piece of art to you. Will you take good care of it?

Discover the bags

The Masterpiece collection offers plenty of choice. From cross-body, shoulder and laptop bags to the indispensable phone case. We also couldn't resist incorporating Abraham Mignon's painting in the accessories. Find your favourite!

Your own Abraham Mignon

After seeing this collection, are you inspired to start painting yourself? Get started and let yourself go. All you need are:

  • painting supplies, such as a canvas, paints and brushes
  • Creativity: just make whatever you want. Art knows no boundaries.

Share your artwork on your socials and tag us in. Need some inspiration first? View more Abraham Mignon paintings here.