Are you going to travel?

Adventures are great, especially if you can share them later with family and friends. You know, telling stories around a bonfire. If others can enjoy the stories from your trip, you enjoy it yourself again. How cool would it be if you could share your travel story with hundreds of others?

Maybe you're not a real photographer or you're not a star in writing, that doesn’t matter at all. If you will soon be traveling to a nice place in the world, you can win a brand new travelkit from Micmacbags.

What you have to do for that? Not much, read on below.

The first winners will be announced in week 30

Sign up

Step one is very simple. Sign up via this form or contact us via Facebook or Instagram. It is important that you convince us that you are going to a wonderful destination and want to make a nice travel report that we can share with all everybody. Every month we choose a lucky one. Do not hesitate, this is your chance to make your travel report.

Start you adventure

When you are chosen as Micmacbags traveler you will receive the Micmacbags travel kit from us. This includes a leather backpack, pioneer wallet, luggage tag and passport holder (worth € 200, -). You can take  this with you en enjoy!

Photograph and write

During your vacation you will discover a lot, the perfect restaurant, the most beautiful beaches and nicest people. Taking notes and finally making a nice story of min. 300 words is a breeze, of course there is plenty to tell. However, a report without photos is a bit boring. Add some beautiful photos and your report is complete.

Inspire others

After a relaxed and fun holiday you come home, fully recharged. You send the photos and the story of your vacation to Micmacbags and then it's our turn. We will share your holiday story with our social media followers and website visitors. In small bits we tell as many people as possible about the beautiful destination where you have been. The ultimate goal is to inspire other travelers and let them choose your holiday destination as well.