Natasja on journey

Five bloggers went on a trip last summer with the travel kit from Micmacbags. Natasja took Micmacbags to Scandinavia. For six days she went on an adventure in the beautiful capitals of Sweden and Denmark: Stockholm and Copenhagen. In this blog she takes you along in her journey.

  • DAY 1 | Stockholm

    Everybody knows that feeling. You need to wake up early, but you don’t want to. Just because your bed is warm or you are still tired. That happens to me quite often, unless I have booked an early flight. Today my flight departed at 6:50 AM.

    Finally the moment was there. I was at Schiphol airport. After a quick check-in I got on the plane. I still find flying it a bit exiting, but after a short flight of 2 hours I landed at Stockholm Arlanda.

    First things first, I dropped my luggage at the hotel. After an hour of rest I went to the city center of Stockholm for the first time. Before I realized, I ended up in Gamla Stan. Gamla Stan is the oldest part of the city. The most famous square of Gamla Stan is quite busy. If you are looking for some more quite places you better walk into the side streets. Moreover, you will also see how the local people live there.

    After my walk through Gamla Stan I arrived at ‘The Royal Palace’. Unfortunately it was closing time, so I couldn’t go inside to see more.
    I ended the day at the quay with a taco and a beautiful view of the amusement park 'Grona Lund'.

    See you tomorrow! X Natasja

  • DAY 2 | City Library

    Today I wanted to go to the 'City Library', But that went different. At the metro stop my eyes fell on the 'Gustav Vasa Kyrke', or: Church of Gustaf Vasa. Once inside I was overwhelmed by the tall, massive and large structures. It reminded me a bit of the Vatican.

    The City Library was at walking distance from the church. Because the library is a round building, it creates the illusion that there are infinitely many books. I could not resist going through the books and trying to read Swedish, because I am very interested in languages ​​and cultures.

    After my visit to the City Library I took the bus to 'The Royal Opera'. After a short walk on the island Skeppsholmen I made a stop at the Nybroviken quay. Various ferry boats sail along this quay. And of course ... I took the wrong ferry. Because the next ferry only left in an hour, I decided to walk to the bus stop. Luckily I had bought a Stockholm Travelcard for three days and was able to continue my route by bus. I got off at the 'Fotografiska Museum'. This museum is located next to the quay. If you are lucky, you may see cruise ships mooring here.

    My last stop was the 'Katarina-Hissen' also called 'the Gondolen'. This lift was formerly built between Stadsgården and Mosebacke Torg, to make it easier for people to move between the different heights of Södermalm. Due to safety problems, this is no longer in use. Fortunately there is another lift available to reach the top. Once at the top I had a beautiful view of Stockholm: definitely a must!

    See you tomorrow! X Natasja

  • DAG 3 | From Stockholm to Copenhagen

    During my last day in Stockholm I made sure that I completed my need-to-see list. I started the day with a metro trip to Strömkajen. From there I walked towards Skeppsholmen. This time it could not go wrong, haha. The Stockholm metro stations are a must see for the artistic among us. Each metro station is decorated differently. Some even have cheerful drawings.

    On the way I came across the 'National Museum', but it was under construction. Then I walked on to 'Moderna Museet'. This morning I did not really keep an eye on the time, so unfortunately I did not have enough time to go inside. But, Stockholm: I'll definitely be back for some more museums!

    From Moderna Museet I went back to my hotel in Gamla Stan. This time by ferry. After picking up my luggage, I took the Arlanda Express to the airport. From Stockholm Central Station it takes 20 minutes to reach Stockholm Arlanda with the Arlanda Express. Luckily I did not have to wait long and I could catch my next flight to Copenhagen.

    Once in Copenhagen I decided to take it easy because I would spend more time in Copenhagen than in Stockholm. As always, I first dropped my luggage at the hotel. To my surprise, the hotel was right next to one of the largest shopping center in Scandinavia! Of course I could not resist to go shopping in the 'Field's Mall'. I went home with one of the most popular toys in Denmark: the Hoptimist. I also ended my day in Field's mall, at restaurant Milano with a delicious plate of Risotto.

    Tomorrow I hope to see more of this beautiful city. 
    See you tomorrow! X Natasha
  • DAY 4 | Copenhagen

    Today I wanted to visit Nyhavn as a real tourist. Because it was so warm, the quays and terraces were filled with tourists. I am a real fan of the stories of Hans Christian Andersen (a Danish writer and poet) so I went looking for his house, located on the Nyhavn. Under his house I visited a souvenir shop with all kinds of stuff related to the writer.

    Then I walked on to the ‘Frederiks Kirke’. This church is also called The Marble Church. The church is within walking distance of the 'Amalienborg Palace'. The courtyard reminded me of the Vatican, just like the Gustav Vasa Kyrke (see day 2). The building seemed to be round and I saw small sculptures  on the roof. From Amalienborg I walked on to 'The Little Mermaid', since that was actually my goal for the day!

    At the 'Little Mermaid' it was pretty busy. I have been able to see the statue well, but unfortunately I have not been able to take a picture of it because of the crowd. I just did not get through the crowd. I took a brake there and enjoyed the view.

    After my brake I took the bus to SMK, Statens Museum Copenhagen. There was a fountain with chairs in the middle, so you could sit in the middle of the fountain! A nice place to relax again.

    My last stop for the day was the 'Rundetaarn'. From this tower you can see the whole city (360 degrees). On this tower you will also find the oldest observatory in Europe, which is still in use.

    Tomorrow is the second to last day :( See you tomorrow! X Natasja
  • DAY 5 | Freetown Christiana

    Today was a good day to go to 'Freetown Christiana'. This part of Copenhagen (about 1000 inhabitants) was declared independent in 1971. It even has its own flag! Once I arrived, I noticed that Christiana is very different from the center of Copenhagen. Both in terms of architecture and the clothes the people wear.

    In a particular part of Christiana you cannot even film or take photographs. This section is called the 'Green Light District'. But, in the shops you can buy pictures of the area. Did you know that you see graffiti everywhere in Christiana? The walls are full of it.

    From 'Freetown Christiana' I walked to 'The Black Diamond'. The Black Diamond is a library located on water. Unfortunately, certain sections in the library are only intended for students. Not for me as a tourist. This afternoon I made a stop at the library quay. Occasionally you saw hop on hop off boats passing by. After this short rest I walked on to 'Vor Frue Kirke', also known as Church of Our Lady. Inside the church you see 12 disciples. Every disciple has his own sculpture.

    Finally, I could not resist to walk past Tivoli (a world-famous theme park). Unfortunately, I did not go inside, but I will definitely come back again!

    See you tomorrow! X Natasja
  • DAY 6 | last day in Copenhagen

    coming soon!

  • DAY 6 | last day in Copenhagen

    Today (my last day in Copenhagen!) I could take it easy, because luckily I have visited almost everything I wanted to see. My last day in Copenhagen ended with a cliché photo at Nyhavn. Unfortunately, of course I forgot to buy souvenirs. Luckily I have had good weather all week, because today it rained very hard.

    After reading my travel story about Stockholm and Copenhagen you will probably think: is she never tired of walking? My answer: of course! But I really enjoy walking. Moreover, I also took a lot of rest breaks, otherwise I would not survive (haha!). I also drunk a lot of water, that was very important because it was so warm.

    My final thoughts about this trip? I have had a super nice week and would do it again. Micmacbags, thank you for the travelkit. In the morning I used the backpack and in the evening I went out only with my wallet; that was great!

    Thankyou Micmacbags! Till we meet again ...​​​​​​​ X Natasha