Micmacbags in Russia

Five bloggers went on a trip last summer with the travel kit from Micmacbags. Mireille visited Russia. 

  • Russia, who does not know it?
    Did you know that Russia is the largest
    country in the world? An incredibly large
    country with two famous cities: Saint
    Petersburg and the capital Moscow. Despite
    the fact that Russia is largely located
    in Asia, these two cities are still
    in the European part of Russia. A visit
    to these two beautiful cities is
    perfect for a city trip. Do not
    forget to arrange a visa in
    advance via the embassy or one
    of the many online
    visa agencies.
  • The capital of the country, the largest city in Europe and the city with the most billionaires / multi-billionaires, is known for the Kremlin. The Kremlin used to be the center of the city. A long wall has been built around the Kremlin.
    I found the Saint Basil's Cathedral on the Red Square the most beautiful. This is the symbol of the city and Russia. I also found the cathedral or Christ the Savior beautiful, both inside and out. From here you can continue to Arbat street where you have all kinds of shops and restaurants. In the Zarayadye park I enjoyed sitting with a beautiful view of the city with the bridges and the beautiful churches.
  • The Hermitage is very famous and definitely worth a visit. A beautiful building with an art collection of innumerable value. After the Tsar was deposed in the past, the Hermitage and the accompanying Winter Palace were opened as a museum. Are you, like me, not an art lover? No worries, the building is breathtakingly beautiful both inside and out. Imagen a lot of colors, gold and painted ceilings and walls. An art lover? Perfect, here you will definitely keep your eyes open. You will find the largest European collection of Rembrandt with 20 paintings. Wow!
  • What else did I like? Wander around
    the city and see the large, high and
    stately buildings. Or walk the Nevsky
    Prospect where you can find the Kazansky
    Cathedral, the famous building ‘the Singer’
    and numerous shops and restaurants. The
    summer garden and the Peter and Paul
    fortress were also worth a visit.
  • In short, a great one-week city trip to
    these two cities. If you want to know more
    about these cities, please visit my own
    travel page: www.mireiopreis.nl. It was
    my first trip with my new travelkit from
    Micmagbags and I am very happy with it. When
    I go walking during the day I take my backpack
    with me and for a drink in the evening I use
    the wallet which is multifunctional with
    the supplied clutch. I can use it as a
    bag too. Excelent! On to my next trip
    with this great travelkit.
    Are you traveling with me?