Mama Margaritha


July 27, 2016

before we left the house with three kids we are usually busy for 20-30 minutes [with the two of us!]. packing stuff, changing nappies, putting on jackets and so on. since i have the diaperbag by micmacbags, the packing part became a lot easier.

i used to not have a diaperbag before i got this one. yes, i lived two years without a diaperbag and now i have one, i am wondering myself what was wrong with me? i love it that i don’t have to pack the nappies, cleaning wipes, snacks and bibs over and over again. they are always in the bag now. it saves me at least 5 minutes on our packing time. the bag has several compartments which make it very easy to keep the bag organized for a chaotic like me.

this 100% natural leather bag, is perfect to take everywhere. the leather is getting more beautiful the more you use it. so perfect with kids!

this is a special compartment for bottles keep the milk warm or the water / lemonade cold.

this is a special storage for wet clothes.

some things i really love about the bag:

  • the zippers are easy to open [you know those zippers in leather which always stuck halfway, they frustrate me always!]
  • the bag fits my bugaboo donkey but will also fit a smaller stroller
  • i accidentally already made a spot [olive oil], and it actually looks gorgeous
  • two compartments at the back of the bag without zippers, which makes it very easy to grab pacifiers and baby wipes quickly [and my phone hehe]
  • it isn’t an obvious diaperbag; it looks sophisticated

the bag is just simply gorgeous and i took it to mauritius as well, when we just travelled with just the two of us [my macbook also fits in it, perfect!].

thanks to mama margaritha for this blog about Micmacbags. visit her blog