A beautiful and well-crafted leather bag is somthing I am always craving for. When I got a mail from Micmacbags I was really excited about their philosophy and approach. 
Inspired by the Micmac Indians in eastern North America and their way of life, Micmacbag's founder started looking for a factory in India. Until today, their products are fabricated in India and Micmacbags make sure, that this happens under fair conditions with fair salary for the employees.
Despite the story I love the pure and natural look of their bags. The whole design is focused on  materials, there is no unnecessary stuff added and leather is left in a raw condition which I personally really like. 
Because of that philosophy, I decided to wear the bag with equally pure and raw pieces. My latest shirt addiction, a white linen shirt from Mango. I love the raw hem of the shirt and it gives a nice contrast to the black leather skirt. 

linen shirt Mango  -  here get here or similar here

skirt Zara  -  similar here

bag 'Lumberjill' Micmacbags*  -  get here

sunglasses Celine  -  get here 

shoes Stradivarus  -  similar here

 - in friendly collaboration with Micmacbags -