Sanne in Georgia

Five bloggers went on a trip last summer with the travel kit from Micmacbags. Sanne visited the beautiful country of Georgia. In this blog she tells you more about the unique places that the country offers. Are you a true culture lover or do you prefer to walk in a modern city? Read on for travel tips from Sanne.

  • Georgia is a country where a lot of people
    know little about. Some do not even know
    about the existence, let alone what the
    country has to offer as a holiday
    destination. I myself have been fascinated
    by Eastern European countries and
    former Soviet states for years, for
    me this country was 'simply'
    the next on the list.
  • If you're looking for information about
    Georgia, you'll find amazing pictures
    of the nature that the country has to offer.
    I discovered that the country has everything
    you need to have a great summer vacation.
    Exceptionally green, impressive
    mountain parties, coastal towns on the
    West side, a rich and fascinating
    culture and above all: a delicious,
    traditional cuisine. Also important,
    it is also a good affordable
  • Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia. Tbilisi
    is particularly European for a city in
    Eastern Europe (or Central Asia according
    to some). Fancy coffee shops and burger
    restaurants like the once you encounter
    in every corner of Amsterdam. Fortunately,
    a glimpse of the traditional cooking
    is not hard to find.
  • You will not get bored here, there is a
    lot to discover and there is something
    fun for everyone. Do you like culture
    and history? Visit the old town of Tbilisi!
    Prefer modern architecture? Then you should
    go to the new city center. In the many parks
    that the city has, there is a daily flea
    market where you will find many Soviet
    memorabilia. Perfect if you are looking
    for an original souvenir. The city also
    has a special nightlife to offer
    and especially the techno scene is
    growing very fast. Tbilisi is already
    called 'the new Berlin'.
  • Because of the central location of Tbilisi
    it is very easy to make day trips to
    other places, often with a typical marshrutka.
    That are vans that are stuffed with people.
    They want to transport as many locals as
    possible at once. You can of course
    also take the train to other big cities
    or visit the neighboring countries
    with the night train.
  • If you like hiking and nature, the national
    parks Lagodekhi (East Georgia) and Kazbegi
    (North Georgia) are the perfect destinations.
    You can easily reach them with a
    marshrutka. The nature park in Lagodekhi
    has a number of walking routes, including
    one that leads to a waterfall. Kazbegi,
    on the other hand, is a destination
    for longer routes through the
    mountains. These hikes are often
    done in several days.

  • Although this blog already gives a good image of my experience in the country, there is still so much more to discover. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to see all! Without a doubt I can say: I'll be back.
    X Sanne