The ultimate combination of style and functionality

Micmacbags has, especially for fashionable dads and mothers, designed a modern diaper bag. We have thought of everything. The smart layout ensures that you can easily store all the essential items in a Micmacbags diaper bag. This way, you and your little one can go out without a worry. The look has also been given due attention. Modern design, sleek lines, natural materials and neutral shades provide a pure and nonchalant look. Because of this, a Micmacbags diaper bag isn’t just functional, it’s also a genuine accessory which allows you to walk the streets fashionably. During the design process we kept in mind all the necessary aspects, so the Micmacbags bags can be worn by anyone. Unlike conventional diaper bags in sweet colours and prints, does a Micmacbags diaper bag not look like a diaper bag. The powerful design, the pure leather and the robust details create together a tough look. As a result, the leather bags of ladies and gentlemen happily used by woman and men!